3G pitch at Great Marlow Q&A

Great Marlow School and Marlow Youth FC Community 3G Astroturf Project – Q and As


Q. Who are Marlow Youth FC?

A. Marlow Youth FC is a football club with a rich history, established in 1980. The club's mission, as outlined in its constitution, is ‘to provide facilities, promote the game of Association Football, arrange matches, and foster social activities for its members.’


Marlow Youth FC boasts a diverse membership of over 700 active players, spanning various age groups and abilities, including:


  • 40+ girls' and boys' teams aged 5 to 18.
  • One of the largest disability clubs nationwide, featuring 2 adult teams and 3 youth teams
  • Adult men's and women's teams
  • Two veterans' teams, catering to Over 50 and Over 60 age groups.


‘Membership of the club shall be open to anyone interested in the sport on application regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, or other beliefs. However, limitation of membership according to available facilities is allowable on a non- discriminatory basis.’


Q. Is Marlow Youth FC a charity?

A. Marlow Youth FC operates as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) and holds registration with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) accordingly. This status enables the club to benefit from Gift Aid on donations and tax relief on specific activities.


Q. Does anyone at Marlow Youth FC get paid?

A. No, Marlow Youth FC operates entirely through the dedication of volunteers who generously contribute their time and expertise to the club's activities.


Q. What does Marlowe Youth FC do with any surplus income or profits?

A. In adherence to Clause 11(l) of the Marlow Youth FC constitution, all surplus income or profits are reinvested back into the club. There is no distribution of surpluses or assets to members or third parties. Funds are directed towards enhancing footballing facilities, supporting community initiatives, maintaining a Hardship Fund, and ensuring inclusivity within the club's activities.


Marlow Youth FC remains committed to its not-for-profit ethos, serving as a vital community asset run by volunteers for the betterment of the community at large.


Q. What qualifications do Marlow Youth FC coaches have?

A. All coaches and helpers within Marlow Youth FC undergo Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks. Additionally, they regularly participate in safeguarding and first aid courses every three years. Every coach holds a Football Association (FA) coaching qualification, ensuring the highest standards of coaching and player development.


Q. Does the FA recognise the work that Marlow Youth FC does in the community?

A. Marlow Youth FC has achieved a prestigious 3-star accreditation from the Football Association (FA), signifying the highest level of recognition for grassroots clubs. This accreditation reflects the club's commitment to excellence in community engagement and football development.


Q. What are Marlow Youth FC plans to grow the club?

A. Marlow Youth FC's growth strategy revolves around the development of a new 3G Astroturf facility, which serves as a catalyst for expansion. Over the next 1-2 years, the club aims to introduce non-competitive fun sessions for girls, adult walking football for both men and women, and weekly fun football sessions catering to mental health needs.


Q. Where do Marlow currently train and play their home matches?

Marlow Youth FC operates as a nomadic club, with a minority of home games played in Marlow itself. Most home games are hosted in neighbouring areas such as Henley, Bourne End, High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Oxford, and Flackwell Heath. Training sessions are held across various locations including Marlow, Henley, Bourne End, High Wycombe, Maidenhead, and Flackwell Heath.


Q. Why does Marlow need a 3G Astroturf football facility?

A. The necessity for a 3G Astroturf football facility in Marlow arises from the desire of the majority of Marlow Youth FC players, who are residents of Marlow, to have a centralised venue for both their home matches and training sessions. The introduction of the new 3G Astroturf at Great Marlow School serves as a significant step towards meeting this aspiration.


Q. Where can I find information on the 3G Astroturf project?

A. Detailed information can be found on the Wycombe Planning portal:



Q. Why can’t Marlow Youth FC use the existing GMS sand-based Astroturf?

A. While Marlow Youth FC currently utilises the GMS sand-based Astroturf extensively for training purposes, the facility is operating at full capacity. Additionally, the Football Association (FA) only sanctions matches to be played on 3G Astroturf, rendering the sand-based surface unsuitable for official matches.


Q. What is the timeline for the 3G Astroturf to be built?

A. The provisional timeline for the construction of the 3G Astroturf is as follows:


  • June 2024: Planning permission granted.
  • July 2024: Completion of Marlow Youth fundraising efforts
  • October 2024: Project submission to the Football Foundation for Grant Approval; Allocation of funds by the Football Foundation
  • January 2025: Commencement of expenditure on building the 3G Astroturf
  • January to July 2025: Construction phase, subject to school timetables
  • September 2025: Official opening of the 3G Astroturf facility.


Q. How long will it take to build the 3G Astroturf?

A. The construction of the 3G Astroturf is estimated to take between 10 and 12 weeks.


Q. What minorities football will you cater for?

Based on feedback obtained from a survey distributed to over 2000 individuals, Marlow Youth FC plans to cater to various minority groups within football. These include initiatives such as Men's and Women's walking football, non-competitive football for girls aged 5-11, fun football sessions tailored for girls aged 12-14, and specialized football sessions designed for individuals with mental health difficulties.

Q. When will the facility be used?

A. The facility will be operational seven days a week, from 8am to 9pm.


Q. Who will use the facilities?

A.           The utilization of the facilities is structured as follows:


  • Great Marlow School: Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm
  • Marlow Youth FC: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 6pm to 9pm; Saturday and Sunday, 9am to 9pm
  • Wycombe Wanderers: Monday and Friday, 6pm to 9pm.


Q. Can I hire the facility?

A. Limited availability for third-party hire may be possible. Some slots might be open during evenings or weekends in the summer months.


Q. What sports will be played on the 3G Astroturf?

A. Outside of school hours, the 3G Astroturf will be exclusively dedicated to football activities. During school hours, Great Marlow School will utilize the facility for football and PE activities.


Q. What is the cost of the 3G Astroturf

A. The estimated cost of the new facility falls between £800K and £850K.


Q. Who is paying for the facility.

A. The funding for the facility will be sourced through various avenues. The Football Foundation is expected to be the primary contributor, providing a grant for the project. Additionally, both Great Marlow School and Marlow Youth FC are committed to making substantial financial contributions. Marlow Youth FC is actively seeking support from local authorities, businesses, and individuals to further bolster the funding for this essential project.


Q. When does Marlow Youth FC fund raising end?

A. Marlow Youth FC fundraising concludes on 30th June 2024. Confirmation of Marlow Youth FC's fundraising efforts must be submitted to the Football Foundation by 12th July 2024.


Q. When happens to any funds raised and the 3G Astroturf project does not go ahead?

A. All funds raised for the 3G Astroturf project are ring-fenced. In the event of either postponement or cancellation of the project, all contributors will be promptly notified. Contributors will be given the opportunity to express their preference regarding the allocation of their contribution.


Q. As a local business owner, I am interested in supporting this project. Would it be possible for me to explore advertising opportunities for my business within the context of this initiative?

A. For inquiries regarding opportunities, we kindly ask you to reach out to our chairman, Dan Moody, via email at dan.moody.dm@gmail.com. He will be happy to assist you further.


Q. What if I want to join Marlow Youth FC or want more information?

A. For inquiries regarding membership or further information, please reach out to our club chairman, Dan Moody, at dan.moody.dm@gmail.com .


The Marlow Youth FC website is http://www.marlowyouthfc.co.uk/



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